Official complaint as polls contradict Lib-Dems’ claims

Eastern region Greens issue formal complaint to Euro election returning officer

The Green Party in the Eastern region is issuing a formal complaint to the European Elections returning officer about the Lib-Dem party’s conduct in the European election campaign.

The complaint centres on false claims in a Lib-Dem leaflet that the Green Party has ‘no chance’ of getting enough votes in the eastern region to elect a Green MEP.

This claim contradicts evidence in several recent independent opinion polls which suggest the Green Party is on its way to winning it first Green MEP in the region and several more nationally.


An ICM poll, in the SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, May 31, records the Greens likely to win 11% of the vote and EIGHT seats at the European elections on June 4th. The party currently has 2 MEPs in the South East and London.

The poll puts the “resurgent” Greens on 11% – and ahead of UKIP on 10%.

The ICM poll comes hot on the heels of a Populus poll in the Times giving the Greens 10%.

A Green Party spokesperson said:

‘In total, SIX polls in the last 2 weeks have consistently predicted the Greens will receive between 9% and 11% of the national vote share for the European elections, enough to make several gains and enough to elect a Green MEP in the Eastern region.

‘This Lib-dem assertion is patently untrue, cannot be substantiated and contradicts all the recent opinion polls. I doubt that the party is not looking at polling information – so this is a simple attempt to mislead the public using a falsehood. Such cynical tactics will not restore public confidence in politics.

‘The Green Party will just continue to state its case and let the public decide. It’s the voters who decide the result – not the LibDems!’

About Norwich Green Party

  • It has 13 Norwich City Councillors (Labour 15, Lib-Dems 6 Tories 5)
  • It has 2 Norfolk County Councillors serving Norwich county wards and a strong chance of making gains on 4th June.
  • Norwich City Council Green Party group leader, Councillor Adrian Ramsay, is the Green Party’s national Deputy Leader and GP’s Parliamentary Candidate for the Norwich South constituency in the next General Election.
    In the 2008 Norwich City Council elections, the Green Party secured the greatest % of votes cast in the Norwich South area – and can win the Norwich South Parliamentary seat in the next General Election.
  • Norwich City Councillor Rupert Read is the GP’s lead candidate in the Eastern Region, for the European Elections. As there are seven seats and a proportional representation system, he needs about 10% of the vote to be elected.

Greens closing in on East Euro seat

From East Anglian Daily Times

THE Green Party is entering the final days of campaigning for the European Parliament in the firm belief that they will poll enough votes to get an MEP elected for the East of England.

Under the list system of proportional representation used for elections to Brussels, the Greens will need around 9% of the total for their lead candidate Dr Rupert Read to win a seat representing Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

In 2004, they polled 5.6% in the East, but the party believes that voters furious with Westminster MPs will give their backing to the Greens.

In its manifesto, the party promises to turn the Eastern region into a renewable energy heartland, creating lots of new green jobs in the region in the process and to achieve an international agreement on dangerous climate change.

The Greens say they will divert much of the substantial EU transport budget money away from out-of-date road-building schemes, and instead invest it into making public transport better and more affordable for all.

They pledge to clean up politics and restore the reputation “of those of us who are honest statesmen, rather than crooks,” says Dr Read.

“The three old Parties have been badly tarnished by the Westminster scandals, and some UKIP MEPs have been caught out – Green politics, by contrast, is clean politics.”

Dr Read says: “We are getting an excellent reception around the region. The expenses scandal appears to have sent the three main parties to ground – we hear that some of their canvassers are getting a roasting on the doorsteps!”

In the 1999 and 2004 elections, two Green MEPs were elected, one for London and the other for the South East region. The party has also won a number of seats on local councils and are hoping to pick up county council seats in Suffolk and Essex in the elections to be held on June 4, the same day as the European poll.

How many dodgy Parliamentarians?: A breakdown, across the five main Parties at this election

The MPs’ expenses scandal has rocked the foundations of the political establishment at Westminster and shed light on further expenses claims made by MEPs at Brussels.  

We in the Green Party here in Eastern Region have made a Clean Campaign Pledge ( ) because we are angry at the extent of the corruption exposed by the Daily Telegraph, and one of our main aims in this election campaign and the next general election is to clean up politics.  But we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk.  Using figures obtained by the Telegraph, we have calculated the percentage of Westminster MPs from the three main parties who have claimed or tried to claim unnecessary, extravagant or downright dishonest expenses for such items as duck islands, trouser presses and rent or mortgage payments for ‘flipped’ second homes:

Labour MPs – 134/350 = 38%
Conservatives MPs – 84/195 = 43%
Liberal Democrats MPs – 13/63 = 20%

Given that much of the media have played up the role of UKIP as the main beneficiaries of the expenses scandal, with voters who are rightly angry at their MPs seeking to punish them, we have also calculated the percentage of UKIP MEPs who have been convicted of fraud or apparently confessed to it, or who have claimed a staggering amount of expenses despite having very poor attendance records at the European Parliament and voting ‘no’ to all legislation regardless of the potential benefit to the UK.  Compare this to the percentage of Green MEPs who have abused the expenses system or been convicted of fraud:

UKIP MEPs – 3/12 = 25% [This is a very conservative estimate; a full Telegraph-style investigation of UKIP MEPs would be extremely useful…]
Green MEPs – 0/2 = 0%

The choice is clear.  Whilst all other parties fall over each other claiming to want to fix the broken system, the Green Party’s record shows that we are the real choice for voters this Thursday who want to vote for cleaner politics.

Juniper: vote Green on Thursday

This election is coming down to a choice between UKIP/BNP on the one hand and the Green Party on the other. So many voters are deserting the main Parties, and rightly so. So the new battle of ideas is between little-Englandism, racism and climate-denial on the one hand, and internationalism, anti-racism and climate-care on the other. This is truly a choice for our times.
Check out Tony Juniper’s new article on this choice:

Greens Could Quadruple Euro Seats on June 4th!

Yesterday the Sunday Telegraph predicted that the Green Party could win eight seats nationally – quadrupling our successes at the last Euro Elections!

This is only possible if we get the vote out so please, don’t forget on June 4th!

Anything you can do to help in the meantime – displaying posters, donating your facebook status to the cause etc – would be a massive help!

Thanks everyone – the effort so far has been massive. Just 4 days to go…keep up the good work!

‘Vote Green For Clean Politics Poster’ (best printed on Green Paper!):