Contraction and Convergence or bust.

This [see link] really is a disgrace and a disaster. It backs up everything that I have been saying recently about Copenhagen right now being a road to nowhere:

Nothing other than plain racism and utterly short-sighted self-interest can support something like this.

Contraction and Convergence or bust.

Regional Transport will up CO2 emissions dangerously in the East

For Rupert’s Readers, from the good people at Transition Norwich:

EEDA has just published an important study – the first of its kind in the UK called East of England Transport and Carbon Study: Assessing transport’s contribution to a low carbon economy in the East of England. The study was undertaken by Atkins in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen. The findings ought to ring alarm bells and if taken seriously by decision makers, should lead to a radical reassessment of regional transport policies.
 The main findings are:

·   In 2007 road transport emissions in the East of England accounted for almost 33 per cent of local CO2 emissions

·  under Business as Usual, (planned growth in population etc), the region’s transport sector CO2 emissions will grow a further 33% between 2006 and 2031 if no other action is taken.  
This huge growth goes in completely the opposite direction of what is required. The Climate Change Act 2008 sets a legally binding target of at least an 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 (on 1990 levels).  EEDA’s Regional Economic Strategy commits the East of England to reducing emissions by 60% across all sectors by 2031.  


The study assessed three carbon reduction scenarios. Even under a radical Scenario 3 “The national and regional shift”, (includes pricing, strong investment in behavioural change, walking, cycling and public transport infrastructure and changes to land use planning practices), emissions would only fall by 27% on 2006 levels. This would take the region’s transport sector emissions back to below 1990 levels, but it wouldn’t achieve a 60% cut on 1990 levels. Other sectors would have to take a bigger cut.      
Please take the time to read  circulate to colleagues.