UKIP Eastern Region MEP caught with his financial pants down

So, it appears that the man who beat me – by just 1% – last summer, to become MEP, may have done so through following in that finest of UKIP traditions – fraud:
This is a story I shall follow with great interest! 😉
This story has – unsurprisingly – gone national and international already, by the way. Here is the Sunday Times original expose:
Go three and a half minutes in. Agnew ADMITS to taking part in illegal activity.
This is shameful and disgraceful. He should resign – but, more to the point, maybe UKIP wouldn’t have got two MEPs elected AT ALL without the money that it appears from this story they have illicitly siphoned through non-transparent routes.
There should be a byelection. UKIP should not be allowed to have these MEPs, which it has seemingly won in an ill-gotten manner.
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