Norman Lamb admits he’s right wing

Well well well… Scroll through these latest Wikileaks disclosures, and you will learn something interesting about East Anglia’s own leading LibDem MP, and Simon Wright’s guru, Norman Lamb: He self-identifies as right-wing…
This may come as something of a surprise and even a shock to the majority of LibDem voters, including Lamb’s constituents: who self-identify as left-of-centre. It may be even less welcome news to Labour voters who tactically voted to keep the Tories out in North Norfolk.
It just goes to show once again – what everyone is now realising – that a vote for the LibDems is a vote for the Right of British politics, not the centre or the left, let alone for greens… In other words: If you want to vote Right-wing, then vote ConDem (LibDem or Tory). If you want to cast a green vote, then the only way of doing so is voting Green.

Caroline Lucas amends opposition motion to call Lib Dems to account on tuition fees

Go Caroline!:



Caroline Lucas, Britain's first Green MP, today
sponsors an amendment to an opposition motion on tuition fees in an effort
to toughen-up Labour's critique and call to account Liberal Democrat MPs
who have failed to honour their pledge to oppose increases in tuition fees.

Today sees an Opposition Day debate on school sports funding and then
tuition fees (1). Labour leader Ed Milliband has put forward what the
Greens regard as a weak motion (2) calling on the government to publish its
education plans in detail and expressing concern over student debt. The
Green Party leader, together with MPs from the Scottish and Welsh
nationalist parties, has tabled an amendment (3) spelling out a much
tougher critique of the government, noting Labour's role in introducing
tuition fees in the first place, and calling on Lib Dem MPs to honour their
pledge to oppose rises in tuition fees.

Caroline Lucas commented this
afternoon from her constituency, where she was taking part in a student-led
protest against tuition fees and education cuts:

"Given that 90% of MPs
went to university, mostly without having to pay tuition fees, it's
completely unacceptable that the Tories and Lib Dems are getting away with

"Liberal Democrats are breaking the promises that helped them get
elected, and meanwhile Labour is failing to provide the real challenge the
country wants to see."


1. The Opposition Day debate is expected
to start some time after 1530 and may continue until 2200.

2. The motion
signed by Edward Miliband, John Denham, Gareth Thomas, Alan Johnson, Andy
Burnham and Rosie Winterton states:

"That this House believes that the
Government should publish a White Paper on higher education in England,
setting out the full detail of its plans for higher education funding and
student finance before asking Parliament to vote on whether to raise the
fee cap; is concerned that major questions about how the Government's
market in higher education is intended to work remain unanswered; is
concerned that recent graduates will be responsible for repaying loans for
up to 30 years because the teaching grant is being cut by 80 per cent.; and
urges the Higher Education Minister to bring forward publication of the
White Paper."

3. The amendment sponsored by Jonathan Edwards (Plaid
Cymru), Pete Wishart (SNP), Caroline Lucas (Green Party)and Hywel Williams
(Plaid Cymru) says:

"Delete after 'House' to end and insert 'notes that,
according to a report by the Sutton Trust, 90% of Members of this House
received a university education; that an overwhelming majority of Members
received this university education for free without the payment of tuition
fees; believes that education is a right, not a privilege and that the
introduction and the raising of tuition fees is an ideological and
political choice; is concerned at the effects of the long term imposition
of debt upon young people; notes the negative impact that tuition fee
increases in England will have upon the ability of devolved legislatures to
determine their own course due to the funding system; expresses
disappointment at the original decision by the previous Labour government
to introduce tuition fees which undermined the principle of free higher
education and led to the situation where institutions may now increase fees
by nearly 300% if current government proposals are adopted; calls on
Members of this House who signed pledges to protect students and fight
tuition fees to keep to those pledges rather than let down their
constituents and break the democratic contract with their electorate
through misleading them as to their actions when elected.'"

4. See