#KeepOurNhsPublic : Save Hinchinbrooke Hospital

 For the first time ever, an NHS hospital is going to be taken over by a private company, it has been announced this morning: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/72899cf2-0b2c-11e1-ae56-00144feabdc0.html#axzz1dHwr4IS2 . The hospital in question is Hinchingbrooke, in Cambridgeshire here in the Eastern Region of England.

In my capacity as Co-ordinator of the Eastern Region Green Party, I want to say plainly this morning that it’s just plain wrong to allow a private company to make profits out of people’s ill-health. This is a new stage in the privatisation of the NHS; we are losing Britain’s most-loved institution, before our very eyes.
I have been to Hinchingbrooke and have stood with the workers and local people who have been campaigning for years to stop this NHS hospital from falling into private hands. Successive governments – first the so-called ‘Labour’ Party, and now the Conservative-LibDem Coalition – have done nothing to secure the future of Hinchingbrooke. Only the Green Party has stood up firmly for keeping our beloved NHS public. We now see the consequences of the Government’s failure to help Hinchingbrooke: privatisation. Many more hospitals will now be privatised across this Region and across the country, unless together we stand up, say ‘No more!’, and stop the rot.

RoadPeace day service

I am proud to be giving the ‘Address’ at this event. Do join us!:









Sunday 20th November 2011 at 3.30pm



The United Nations’ Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020


From Global Remembrance to


Global Action across the Decade

#Occupy Norwich to discuss financial reform – with me!

Occupy Norwich are to have a discussion on reform of our monetary
system on Wednesday 9th November at 6.15pm at their camp on The
Haymarket. (All are welcome, and everyone, whether they regard
themselves as Left, Right or neither, will get a chance to have their
voice heard.)

The discussion will be led by me. I’ll talk about how the
creation of 97 % of our money by the banks leads to  overments,
individuals and businesses becoming more and more indebted. When the
debts can no longer be repaid the banks demand a bailout from the
taxpayers, and cuts have to be made in pensions, benefits and public
services, as happened when the world economy nearly collapsed three
years ago.
Occupy Norwich are inviting everyone to come along and debate the solutions.
The bailout of the banks three years ago did not result in reform of
the banking system, which is due to collapse again, as the recent
problems in the Euro-zone have clearly demonstrated. We need reform
urgently, before the system crashes again. This reform should start with the genuine nationalisation of the banks which the British taxpayer currently owns, which, quite wrongly, are still paying out massive bonuses, at present.

Plan B? We need Plan C: A constant, no-growth economy, to stabilise the world from potentially-endless financial and economic crisis.

Growth is finished. Greece is going to default within 4 months; the Euro will tumble and disintegrate. Financial interests will give up trying to seek profits in the real economy, and move still further into trying to profit from a bear market, leading to yet more financial and economic disaster.
It is pointless – counterproductive – in this context, to keep seeking the hopeless capitalist outofdate ‘remedy’ of growth. For my critique of Compass’s Plan B then, on Bright Green, goto: http://brightgreenscotland.org/index.php/2011/10/plan-b-vs-plan-c/