Alternatives to Economic Growth

A One ­day Conference with Tony Juniper, Molly Scott­Cato, Miriam Kennett and Rupert Read
Saturday, 18th February 2012,
Centre at St Paul’s, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1JP

An underlying question to much of today’s political agenda is “How can we get back to Economic Growth as soon as possible?”. Yet economic growth does not take into consideration finite natural resources, social justice and individual wellbeing.

How can we escape the dependency of a system based on continuous economic growth? What alternatives are there? How can alternatives be implemented and given the priority they need in our crowded social and political agendas?

This “Ideas Day” will bring together prominent speakers and activists who have addressed these issues constructively from a sustainable point of view; as well as a range of individuals and groups who are developing and implementing practical alternatives
Our intention is that this day will stimulate thought and action amongst sustainability and green activists in and around Cambridge and the Eastern Region, leading to an intensification of appropriate economic, social and political change, locally, regionally and nationally.

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