Charles Clarke: running scared of the Greens?

Charles Clarke is making national headlines today warning that Labour may lose the next general election. His concerns about Labour’s prospects may be linked to last year’s local election results in his own Norwich South constituency, where the Green Party came in first with 30% of the voteā€¦ And Norwich Greens have a strong chance of further gains at this year’s local elections on 1st May. By 2010, which is when Clarke predicts there will be an election, we will be very strong indeed…

Charles Clarke knows full well that his constituency is one of the strongest prospects for a Green MP — and that, we in Norwich Green Party believe, is why he is running scared.

Norwich South, btw, is one of three national Parliamentary target seats for the Green Party at the next General Election.

[Clarke’s comments have been making headlines all day today on Radio 4. They have so far to my knowledge hit the Daily Mail: here, The Guardian, here and the BBC: here

The story was initially broken in this morning’s _EDP_: here]

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