Evo Morales to arrive in Copenhagen and denounces capitalism as cause of crisis

Now it gets interesting…
Good to hear someone ‘naming the beast’: globalised neo-liberal capitalism. Manmade climate change is just the SYMPTOM…
*President Evo Morales of Bolivia to arrive at Copenhagen Conference
President Evo Morales Ayma of the Plurinational State of Bolivia will arrive
in Copenhagen tonight, Tuesday 15 December, to join the UN conference on
climate change.

President Morales arrives with an unprecedented mandate from the Bolivian
people after his landslide re-election with 64% of the popular vote. He also
has a strong moral standing on the international stage for his rejection of
the economic system that has caused the crisis, and his advocacy of rights
for Mother Earth and economic and social development based on Buen Vivir
(‘living well’ in harmony with all humans and the planet) which is inspired
by indigenous principles.

During a summit of ALBA country members in Cuba held this week, Evo Morales
explained he was traveling to Copenhagen to defend a “culture of life” and
to try and save the planet from “a culture of death” caused by the current
economic system.

“I have heard many debates in the UN where presidents condemn climate
change, but never say what causes it. We say clearly that it is caused by

“We send a message to the world to reflect deeply and to the presidents of
the capitalist system to change their economic model which is destroying the
environment and planet earth. Capitalism and imperialism are forms of
industrial development without limits. We need industries, but there also
have to be limits. That is the debate,” Morales asserted.

Morales called on the rich countries to pay their climate debt to developing
nations, and on all countries to recover traditional forms of ecological
production. He also said that rights had to be given to nature and Mother
Earth. “The planet can live without human beings, but we can never live
without her.”

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