Green Passion For A Fairer World – An Endorsement of Rupert Read

The following letter was published in the Cambridge News on 1st May, 2015:


Some of us are supporters of the Green Party, some of us are not. But if you choose to vote Green in the General Election on May 7, you will be voting to elect the Green Party’s candidate, Rupert Read. We, the signatories to this letter, all know Rupert Read personally. He is a person of integrity and passionate commitment. He cares intensely about achieving a fairer Britain and a flourishing world. He has seven years practical experience as an elected Green Party local Councillor under his belt, and he has recently come to prominence through the national campaign he began to protect children by banning advertising targeted at them.


We are asking you today – whoever you normally vote for (and whichever Party you intend to vote for in the Council election being held the same day) – to consider voting Green this time, in the General Election. A Green vote on May 7th could elect Rupert Read to be your MP, as part of a strengthened Green Party team in the House of Commons. Rupert came very close to being elected as your Green MEP last year, but narrowly missed. That however, was before the ‘Green surge’, which has seen the Party’s membership quintuple and the Party rise significantly in the polls, and enter into the leaders’ debates for the first time.


Cambridge was in fact already the Green Party’s 3rd strongest seat in the entire UK, at the 2010 General Election. If you believe that there should be at least 3 Green Party MPs in the entire House of Commons, then you need to be voting Green in Cambridge. Please give the Greens a chance in this election, and vote for an MP of whom you will, we are confident, be proud.


Signed by:


Jonathan Porritt, former Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission

Zoe Williams, Guardian journalist and columnist

Tony Juniper, Green Party candidate in Cambridge in 2010

Charles Secrett, former Director of Friends of the Earth

Peter Tatchell, LGBT and human rights campaigner who citizens-arrested Robert Mugabe

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader

Gary Francione, world-leading animal-rights lawyer

John Stewart, leading anti-airport-expansion campaigner

Jules Peck, director of David Cameron’s Quality of Life Commission, 2008-2010

Ian Gibson, former Labour MP and Chair of the House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology

Craig Murray, SNP activist and former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan


Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP and MP of the Year.



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