Greens Deplore Court Decision to Sacrifice Thurrock Nature Refuge – Press Statement from Eastern Region Green Party


The Court of Appeal’s decision yesterday (28th January) to confirm Thurrock Development Corporation’s approval of a major development on West Thurrock Marshes leaves the insect wildlife charity Buglife with a £30,000 bill. The decision hinged on a letter effectively supporting the development from the Government’s own ‘conservation’ agency, Natural England.
Cllr. Rupert Read, the Green Party’s Prospective MEP for Eastern Region (which includes Thurrock) has for the last year, along with other Green Party members who have attended the court proceedings, been a consistent advocate of saving this refuge for insect and other wildlife.
Cllr. Read said
“This decision comes at a crucial time in the urgent struggle to help society understand better how many of its day-to-day decisions are undermining the world in which we are living, and life on Earth. Human life on Earth and its wealth-creation activities must be founded on much more secure resources and decisions, resources and decisions that can be sustained. It is not sustainable for us to keep destroying havens for nature in our Region.
With the multiplying environmental crises now affecting the planet, it is absolutely vital that urgent new ways are introduced to assess the consequences of prospective development decisions and activities.
“Business as usual” will only store up more serious problems: dangerous climate change, resource depletion, ecological damage and over-crowding, and lowering of people’s quality of life. Instead, we need to be looking for economic-environmental ‘win-wins’, such as our own ‘Green New Deal proposals.
The Appeal Court decision is yet another wake-up call for everyone who cares about the future of human and animal life on Earth.”



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