Greens Mobilize for 100-day Countdown to Elections [Press release]


Greens Mobilize for 100-day Countdown to Elections


With exactly one hundred days to go from tomorrow [23rd Feb.] until the European Elections on June 4th, Green Party members from across Eastern England are mobilizing to help elect Dr. Rupert Read as Eastern Region’s first Green Party MEP.

Rupert Read heads the Green Party’s full slate list of 7 candidates (1) for the European Elections. Four of the Green candidates are councillors and all of them live in the region; 3 from Essex, 2 from Suffolk, 1 from Norfolk and 1 from Bedfordshire.
With the help of an ever growing team of volunteers, Dr Read has already been touring and speaking with people all across the Region, and has launched the interactive and his own youtube channel:
Dr Read said
“People are joining us from across the political spectrum, because many of them feel let down by politics as usual. They, like us, want cleaner politics and a greener economy; one that invests in local people and creates sustainable ‘Green jobs’. For too long Governments have been letting big businesses and big money call the shots, and look at the mess it’s got us in! It’s inspiring to see so much support, but it’s also a reflection of how much people in the East of England want change”.
Dr Read is a Norwich City Councillor and is taking a year off from lecturing at the University of East Anglia in order to run for office. The campaign is focusing on what the Greens are calling their ‘Green New Deal’: giving the people of Eastern England free insulation for their homes, cheaper and more energy efficient public transport, more affordable housing and politics with integrity.
The Greens in the UK have had 2 MEPs since 1999 and they are part of the largest united group of MEPs, with Green Parties from across the continent creating a cohesive voice in the Parliament. Dr. Read hopes to join them, and their fight to build a more a localised and stable future for all parts of Europe.
In Eastern Region, the number of Green Councillors continues to grow, with a total of 28 Greens now holding seats on Principal Authorities (2) in the region, and in every county. 
(2) Not including parish and town councillors, which are additional to that number.

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