Greens support industrial action tomorrow in defence of pensions

Statement from Eastern England Green Party:

On behalf of Eastern Region Green Party, the Regional Co-ordinator Dr. Rupert Read [that’s me!] said:

The Government is ratcheting up the rhetoric ahead of tomorrow’s strikes. But it is the Government’s own poor handling of public sector pensions that remains a serious concern for workers across the public sector – it looks like we are still some way from the government offering a genuinely fair deal.

“I know that the unions will now want to work even more closely with Government to reach a settlement, as well as to improve community relations and ensure maximum support from the wider public. But time has almost run out.

“I regret the disruption caused by industrial action and feel confident that, nowadays, union leaders only resort to the strike option in special circumstances. But if public sector employees continue to feel that the Government is not listening and the need for action remains, then the Greens will lend support and solidarity to those taking industrial action tomorrow. In the circusmtances, the public back these strikes [See Note to editors below], and so do we: it is a shame that none of the other Parties, not even Labour, are supporting strikes to save decent public pensions.

“It is completely unfair for the government to try to slash workers’ pensions at the same time as the richest 1% in society are still receiving huge salary rises and bonuses. The Green Party believes that instead of paying huge bonuses to a handful of CEOs and bankers, government investment should be made in pensions but also of course in renewables, insulation, public transport, sustainable agriculture and social housing: green jobs, in a true ‘Green New Deal’ for all.

“Investment in a truly green future would see more jobs, and a better future for all.

“It is high time that the 99% of us in Britain who are not bankers nor fat-cats got a fair deal.”

Note to Editors:
Opinion poll indicating majority support for tomorrow strikes:

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