Greens Top, Lib Dems Poor on Animal Protection in Europe

Green Party MEPs Jean Lambert and Caroline Lucas scored top marks for their voting record on animal issues in Europe in an analysis by PAD Director Dr Dan Lyons.

The Green MEPs both got a perfect score of +15 from the award-winning political analyst, while Andrew Duff, Lib Dem MEP for the Eastern Region came bottom with a paltry -15…the lowest score possible.

The UK Greens are the only party which has a policy called ‘animal rights’. Both Green MEPs, Caroline Lucas in South East England and Jean Lambert in London, are staunch and consistent defenders of animals with a 100% positive record on this vote, both scoring +15. Dr Lucas has been especially active for animals and helps to table pro-animal laws. The Green group is now an influential force in the European Parliament, and UK Greens can rally their colleagues to help make a major difference for animals. The Euro manifesto includes a specific animal protection section and promises to work for a ban on animal experiments.

Andrew Duff, MEP for the Eastern region of England, earned his rather evil minus 15 due to his cosy relationship with the animal testing industry. As a whole the Lib Dems are a little inconsistent and unreliable on animal welfare issues and their Euro manifesto doesn’t mention animals at all.

The Greens have an excellent chance of winning seats in Eastern England, and with the latest polls showing the Greens only 2 points behind the Lib Dems, a vote for the Green Party would be a huge vote for animal rights and a massive one against the animal testing industry and their big supporter, Lib Dem MEP Andrew Duff.

One thought on “Greens Top, Lib Dems Poor on Animal Protection in Europe”

  1. Valuing human life demands being “inconsistent” on animal rights. You may wish it were otherwise, but it’s not. Yes, it is evil to make the wrong call on this one.

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