How to deal with Griffin and the BNP?

He’s been elected; we have to deal with it now. Last night, on QuestionTime, it was reasonably well dealt with. I think Griffin did very badly for most of the evening. A nice indicator of this can be found on twitter: I recommend you all to read the hilarious and accurate tweets during the programme last night from realnickgriffin .
What needs to happen now is: we need to build a viable alternative to the BNP that will appeal to the white working class. That is for instance what I am trying to do in my ward, which contains the most ‘deprived’ estate in Norwich. The only way in the end to defeat and bury Griffin for good is to change British politics, build from the ground up in communities, start to improve British society, and get Greens onto programmes like QuestionTime to really destroy his lies and rubbish and false solutions. Straw and Huhne and Tories will never be up to the job.
‘No Platform’ is over. It’s time to expose the BNP and thrash them in debate; a promising start was made last night on QT.

2 thoughts on “How to deal with Griffin and the BNP?”

  1. The BNP do not need ‘exposing’. Everyone knows what they stand for. Even the people who vote for them, believe it or not.

    Working class people (not just white working class people) need to be given a voice thru a party that will support them. This party needs to deal with the issues affecting working class people in working class areas. Politics has become the playground of the middle classes and this needs to change. The void left by the abandonment of the working class will be filled by either the BNP or militant Islam or by people just wasting their lives away on drink and drugs etc. The mainstream parties are neither an answer nor an alternative to the BNP, they are the reason for the BNP’s recent successes. I hope the Green party can engage with working class people and take the country forward.

    I don’t naturally support the Greens but in the absence of a coherent socialist alternative I see them as our current best shot.

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