I am going to Liftshare’s national 10th Anniversary Conference, in Attleborough, this Friday

Liftshare is a website where conscientious commuters can easily find like-minded individuals from their local area with whom they can share lifts to and from work each day — and save lots of money in the process!  It provides the forum in which people can build up social networks, so for those who don’t know someone in their immediate social environment who wants to car share, then Liftshare is the answer.  And if for those who already car share, Liftshare can be used to find more people to share with so the costs can be split further still, and CO2 emissions further reduced.
Liftshare has proved to be a successful innovation over the past decade.  They currently have over a quarter of a million members (including me) and over a million trips are registered.  The Green Party has been encouraging more car-sharing to help counter man-made climate change caused by excessive CO2 emissions, and Liftshare provides an easy-to-use tool that helps people to do just that, as well as saving commuters money at the same time.  Liftshare encourages social networking in a practical way that will help with the problems facing our eco-system, and this is an activity that the Green Party supports unreservedly. I am delighted to be going to this event, on Friday… [by train, by the way!  🙂 ].

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