I will stand for election to Brussels in 2014, for the Greens.

The green party in the Eastern Region are pleased to announce that RUPERT READ will be their lead candidate in the European elections in 2014. Read received very strong support from Green Party members in Eastern England in the member’s ballot, that has just been counted, and so will head the list again in 2014, as he did in 2009.


Rupert Read is a teacher and educator. He lives in Norwich with his wife Juliette. He works with UEA’s environmental scientists on political philosophy, environmental philosophy and on philosophy of economics. He is chair of Greenhouse (www.greenhousethinktank.org ) and leads the Green Party in the East of England. He is a former Green Councillor on Norwich, having served two terms there.


Read said "My top priority, if I become an MEP here in the East in 2014, will be to work for a big investment in green jobs: good jobs for the future, in areas like sustainable local agriculture, public transport, and renewable energy ".


Greens gained more votes than any other party between the Euro elections of 2004 and 2009 in Eastern England, and only very narrowly missed out on gaining a Euro MP. Being just 1% away from getting a Euro-MP in Eastern England, and being runners up last time, the Green Party is in pole position to get Read elected in 2014.





A) The Green Party is the first Party in the East of England to announce its lead candidate for the 2014 Euro elections. The rest of the Green Euro list will be announced at the Eastern Region Green Party AGM in Cambridge, on Oct. 14th,


B) The European elections are by proportional representation, which greatly increases the Green Party’s chances of winning.

C) The Green Party already has two MEP’s in the neighbouring regions on London and the South – East.

D) Eastern Region is one of three top ‘target regions’ which the Green Party nationally is resourcing in order to gain an MEP at the European elections.


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