An Inconvenient Truth 2 World Premiere

Jack Guest is a former student of mine.

This film is WELL worth watching! (I enjoyed it a lot)


An Inconvenient Truth 2

World Premiere

Three-part series starts 7 December 8.30pm on Community Channel

Jack Guest, an extraordinary young filmmaker from Cheltenham. After graduating in philosophy and politics, Jack single-handedly funded, directed and produced a film to address the impact of climate change and uncover workable solutions.


Inspired by former United States Vice President Al Gore’s 2006 documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘, Jack travels by boat to Sweden, a country aiming to break its dependency on oil by 2020, to speak with leading politicians, scientists and entrepreneurs. Jack also meets with families committed to reducing their impact on the environment and visits an eco-village completely dependent on renewable resources.


Jack says: “In no uncertain terms we face a huge problem on planet earth and An Inconvenient Truth 2 looks at turning that problem into an opportunity, showing that we can make things work, for everybody. It gives a positive message that things can get better and that change does not have to mean sacrifice."


He asserts: “we already have the answers to climate change and we just need to implement them. The solutions for a stable climate do exist and they can enrich rather than restrict our daily lives.”


An Inconvenient Truth 2 can be seen on Community Channel (Sky 539, Virgin TV 233) on 7 December at 8.30pm.


Jack Guest is available immediately for interviews and happy to answer a range of related questions, call +44 (0)7728 871 028 or


To watch the trailer visit:


To visit the film’s Facebook page:


International viewers can watch or buy the film online from December 10th at


For further information about Community Channel please contact Jessica Culshaw at or 020 7871 5636.


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