Labour’s new policy reviews: announcement imminent – including in areas such as ‘Loneliness’

Major Policy Reviews will be announced today by Labour (see ) including in unconventional “areas” such as ‘Time-poorness’ and ‘Loneliness’. This is a dramatic development; it partly explains why Miliband’s team came out in favour of Cameron’s stuff about ‘quality of life’ the other day.
Labour’s tentative sidling away from its standard pro-growth agenda (see already here ) is an opportunity for the Green Party: For it speaks to ‘our’ issues; it puts us in a good position once again to show that we are the Party that has been ahead of the curve here (in terms of work-life balance, the well-being agenda, relocalising and so building community, etc), and that we are the Party to trust on this issue. It is good to see Labour starting finally to catch up with us a little bit on this…
 p.s. Did you see a few days ago, Rupert’s Readers, this poll that has Greens on 10% for next May, in our ‘target constituency’ in Wales?: More than enough to elect our first Assembly Member!: If we break through into Wales, then we will at least be represented in every nation of these islands – a distinction unmatched by any other political Party.

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