Launching our Manifesto for the local elections!

We are launching our Manifesto in an hour’s time for the crucial local elections here in Norwich, now exactly ONE MONTH away.
Come join us at the Forum!
  Here are the top headlines from the Manifesto:


The Green Party in Norwich is ready to form Britain’s

first Green council, by taking over from Labour, to

run Norwich City Council in a new way. Our aim will

be to create a fairer and healthier low carbon city

where every voice counts.

Addressing social and environmental injustice lies at

the heart of our agenda and, if residents in Norwich

elect more Green councillors than councillors from

any other political party on 9th September, we can

begin to work towards a more just and secure future

for the city. The changes we want to make will not

happen overnight, and our immediate focus will be

on minimising the impact of the cuts being

demanded by the Conservative / Liberal Democrat

Government. We will prioritise saving services that

will affect residents’ everyday lives in Norwich while

creating a more open and efficient council which

enables local residents to enjoy a high quality of life.

1. Open Council

Green councillors will make decisions in public, after

finding out and considering the views of as many

local residents as possible. We will treat members of

other political parties with respect and make councilfunded

partnerships less secretive. We will make as

much information about the council as we can

available to everyone and find ways for some

decisions to be made within neighbourhoods.

2. Renewable Energy

for Local Homes

Green councillors will provide opportunities for

people who live in Norwich to fully insulate their

homes and install photo voltaic solar panels. We will

do this either by investing in partnership with energy

companies, or by setting up a council-run Energy

Services Company. This renewable energy will cut the

carbon emissions produced in Norwich and enable

residents to heat their homes more cheaply. We will

also relax planning guidelines to enable residents of

the city to add renewable energy systems to their

homes more easily.


If you want more, the whole thing will soon be up on the website

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