A letter to the _Telegraph_ that I always somehow doubted they would publish…

Your story (p.4, 17 Dec.) concerning Cameron’s call for a ‘progressive alliance’ between Tories, LibDems and the Green Party reads strangely for a Green residing in East Anglia. Here in Norfolk, for example, the Tory County Council wants to build an incinerator, backs the expansion of Norwich airport, wants to throw hundreds of millions of pounds into building a new road on the north side of Norwich, backs nuclear power, and opposes wind energy planning applications at every opportunity.
Such a Party has no Green credentials at all.
David Cameron would have to utterly transform his utterly-anti-progressive Party, before his ‘alliance’ call had any credibility whatsoever. I can’t see that ever happening. For, so far as I can see, the Tory Party, in reality, here in Norfolk is much like the Tory Party everywhere else in Britain — the very opposite of progressive. As — to be slightly cheeky — the Letters pages of the _Telegraph_ itself quite often make manifest…
Faithfully; Cllr. Rupert Read, Green Party lead candidate for Eastern Region in 2009 Euro-elections
17 Merton Road
01603 219294

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