Lib Dem Conference backed PFI – and was sponsored by Tesco

I have been asked to give more evidence of the LibDem lurch to the Right.
Well, here is a powerful piece of such evidence:
Isn't PFI by definition "cooking the books"?…
This is a LibDem sop to the interests of big finance. Isn't this an
incredibly ironic moment to choose, to trust the very people who have at the
present time brought the world's economy to its knees?!!
p.s. And how about this:
And check Scott Redding's apposite _comment_, here:
Hard to see a Party happy to have Conference sponsorship from Tesco as
anything other than sold out.

3 thoughts on “Lib Dem Conference backed PFI – and was sponsored by Tesco”

  1. Don’t let facts get in the way of a good rant will you.

    The old policy was not to oppose PFI, and the new one is much tighter. So that’s a lurch to the left, if anything.

    But point is not to be dogmatic, but to do whatever brings the best value, without all the off-books borrowing and dodgy public sector comparators. If that happens to mean no more PFI, then fine, but if a contractor can deliver good value, then even better.

  2. Joe; your new policy asks the Government to make it easier for MORE Councils to use PFI MORE.
    Those are the facts.
    I wonder if you feel similarly ‘undogmatic’ about the privatisation of healthcare? If it ‘works better’, shall we let people pay for ‘Business Class’ rather than ‘Economy Class’ hip replacements, e.g.?

    p.s. Tesco, anyone?

  3. Er, no it doesn’t.

    I quote:

    1. Only use private finance when it is shown that this can provide better value for money to the
    taxpayer than public finance.
    2. Make public financing options more practical…

    The full text is here (pdf) pages 21-22.

    Private contracts for surgery etc should be rejected because they offer an inferior service at a higher price, compared to the public sector. Do you have a better reason?

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