2 thoughts on “Morales on Capitalism and Climate Justice…”

  1. Hey Rupert – Looks like the world may have come to its senses at that circus in Copenhagen – the result is a non binding farce. What a waste of time and money.

    So in your mind how are you going to spin this one to make out it’s good for the planet?

    I’m missing your posts over at Left Foot Forward, hurry back Rupert – I need some more of your comedic nonsense to lighten up my day.

    Don’t be a stranger Rupert…

  2. Here is a C&C-scenario image with: –

    [1] numbers for fossil fuels only
    [2] for all-regions/all-years 2000-2050,
    [3] contracting globally to near-zero by 2050 and
    [4] converging to equal per capita globally by 2020

    http://mbf.cc/A59e [it’ll be there for 28 days only]

    Use Acrobat ‘tools’ ’select and zoom’ then ‘pan and zoom’ to get big-picture and detailed numbers as-above simultaneously . . .

    C&C can be shown this way at any rates specified – it is my impression that something like this is now the next step.

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