My letter on Syria in INDEPENDENT

Just found out that I had a letter in last week's INDY  🙂
Scroll down for it.
Here's the text (and the letter that followed it)…

Syria shells its own people

Years ago, I spent some time in Lattakia. It is a pleasant, bustling seaside town, where one can enjoy typical Syrian hubbly-bubbly cafés, swim in the Med, and so on. Or rather, it was. Now, incredibly, Lattakia is being shelled, day after day, from both land and sea.

How many more outrages is it going to take before the UN Security Council issues a clear condemnation of the Syrian government for criminal violence against its own people? And before our own government and the EU put serious sanctions in place against all Syrian businesses with any connections to the Assad regime?

Rupert Read, East of England Green Party Co-ordinator, Norwich

The murder and mayhem in Syria continue despite vocal condemnation by Britain and other countries. When is H M Government going to demonstrate its outrage – rather than merely talk about it – by, say, expelling the Syrian ambassador to Britain or recalling Britain's ambassador to Syria, and encouraging other countries to do similarly.

Clive Hyman, London NW11

… I am hopeful now, with Gaddafi on his knees, that Assad will be next… but the Syrian people need our support… Please write to your MP, etc.

Rupert Read
Green Party East of England Co-ordinator.
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