This was my comment today, on learning that the government is funding a half-NDR.

“This is a ridiculous half-way house decision that satisfies nobody. Building only part of the route undermines any claim that the road is a bypass: the NDR can never again be called the ‘northern bypass’. It will result in gridlock in North East Norwich, especially if the road building is accompanied by large scale housing growth and a failure to invest massively in improved public transport.

“It is no wonder that the route has been dubbed a ‘road to nowhere’. It is an utter waste of taxpayers’ money. The Government really should have made a clear decision about the priority for investment. £67.5million would make an enormous different to Norwich residents if invested in creating a first class public transport system to enable people to get around the city in an efficient and affordable way”.


  1. Rupert, I thoroughly agree with you! Having had several years’ experience of driving into the city from North Norfolk I was constantly frustrated by queues of traffic going INTO the city. People from North Norfolk drive into the city due to public transport not being usable – or non-existent where they live.

    Norwich North is far more densely populated than the south of Norwich – this is why the NDR will only make matters worse. It will be nothing like the Southern Bypass – more like the existing Ring Road – a heavily congested road to frustrate drivers coming into the city even more!

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