Norfolk Refugee Petition – Please Sign Today!

A plea by Sandra Bogelein and Andrew Boswell, Green Party Norfolk County Councillors, and Rupert Read, Green Party national spokesperson.

Many British people have in recent days shown immense solidarity and support for Syrian refugees. They have donated money, food and materials, and started demonstrations, petitions and letters to their politicians. This pressure and public outrage has finally achieved the result of David Cameron being forced into a partial climbdown: he has now said the UK will take in some refugees, albeit not quickly enough to meet the needs of the crisis.

Michael Gubi
Photo: Michael Gubi

Charity begins at home. So we want to say this, plain and clear: refugees are welcome here in Norfolk. We urge all readers to sign the online petition, started by Norfolk Sanctuary, asking Norfolk County Council to commit to making a start by agreeing right now to take in 50 refugees. If we can’t even take in 50 refugees in this county, then what does that say about us as human beings? Let’s start to show that we mean it, that we care: please sign the petition today.

First published Monday, September 14, 2015 Eastern Daily Press.

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