Now is not the time for timidity

Amidst the vast turmoil of today’s financial markets, it is funny to see how small are the proposed solutions being put forward by any of the ‘main 3’ Parties. See,%20and%20beyond.doc for my history in one of those Parties; I left the Liberal Democrat Party when Charlie K. took over; and since then, the general thrust of LibDem policy has only been yet further to the ‘Right.’ The gaping hole in the political spectrum is occupied: by the Green Party.
The fundamental problem with the LibDems is that they stand for so little. Clegg is trying to get them to stand for ‘liberty’. But this, unadorned, is fundamentally a right-wing idea.
The crisis convulsing our planet should make clear to us that it is time for a return to ideology. We need a bold new analysis – a Green New Deal [ ] to tackle peak oil, manmade climate change, and financial crisis. The old ideologies have failed; and the LibDems hardly have any ideology at all. The ideology for our time is ecologism. See Andrew Dobson’s book, GREEN POLITICAL THOUGHT.
Now is not the time for timidity. … Vote Green, to go green…

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