Oliver James talk at UEA on Saturday 27 February

I’m going to this; James is very well-tuned into what is sick in our society:
Oliver James
Clinical Psychologist, Best Selling Author and Broadcaster

Why It’s A Mad World

How Selfish Capitalist-Induced Affluenza
is Driving the English-Speaking World Crazy
and Destroying the Planet

Saturday 27 February 7.30pm at UEA
(Room CD Annex 0.01, at the foot of Chancellor’s Drive)

Entrance free, contributions welcome

Organised by North Norfolk & Norwich Green Parties

More information 01263 761471

3 thoughts on “Oliver James talk at UEA on Saturday 27 February”

  1. I presume he earns less than the ‘average’ wage then? And his earnings don’t affect him like the rest of us?

    Or is this more middle class bollocks?

    Don’t bother replying, you usually can’t be arsed anyway.

  2. Speaking for myself, as someone who earns more than average (and who gives very large amounts away), yes, this society has in past made me ill. But the effects fall hardest on the poorest, as demonstrated by Wilkinson and Pickett in THE SPIRIT LEVEL.

  3. ok, I am taking this referral and with absolute random emphasis will, if I like the chap, join the Green Party and if I don’t, will remain apathetic. It’s that simple (something we need more of in politics) Thankyou.

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