The next European elections, less than two years away

Our Parliamentary electoral system in this country is kind-of mad… It is quite ridiculous that the Prime Minister can call a (first past the post) election whenever he wants. The European Parliament, for all its many faults, works on a more sensible system: fixed five year terms. …The Green Party has recently launched its candidates-list in Eastern Region for the Euro-elections, which are now just under two years away.

As the person who was privileged to be selected to be lead candidate on that list, I am especially excited by the prospect that we may at last get what we urgently need in Eastern Region – a Green MEP. Someone to represent everyone in Eastern Region properly at Brussels. A Parliamentarian for all Green-minded people in the East of England, whether you are from a strong Green area or not.

A generation ago, the E.U. took highly-effective action against the menace of acid rain, and it is currently beginning to take action against the much graver menace of man-made climate change. We desperately need more Greens to get elected to Brussels at the first opportunity, to push the E.U. much further and faster in this direction. If I were elected to Brussels, I would prioritise action to stop dangerous climate change. In particular, I would focus on transport policy, one of my areas of expertise. The E.U. could help to drastically reduce the carbon emissions from transport – the area where emissions are at present growing moving precisely in the wrong direction, fastest…

I would also focus on policies to aid localisation, and on improving the E.U.’s record on the Middle East.

If you want to help get a Green MEP from this Region, then please get in touch. This blog is being launched now in part to make a connection with anyone in the Region who would like to see the first Green MEP from Eastern Region elected to the Brussels Parliament, where so much of our legislation now originates. Anything you do for the Green Party over the next two years helps brings the vision of an Eastern Green MEP one step closer to being reality.

Thank you.