Plastic bags — and incineration

Plastic bags are a serious environmental problem, chiefly because of their impact on our landscape and and upon the seas, where many of them end up. It breaks my heart to hear stories of birds choking to death on plastic bags or dying from internal bleeding because of bits of plastic that they have eaten.
Especially, because this problem is so easily avoidable: Ireland has put a tax on plastic bags, and use of them has dropped by 90%; and a number of towns in England are now banning plastic bags outright (for example, Aylsham in Norfolk is considering doing so, which is excellent news).
Moreover, the more plastic there is, there more pressure there is from the government to incinerate them — and we in the Green Party are now joining with local residents across East Anglia to fight against incinerator proposals: in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. Every additional plastic bag means a little bit more pressure in favour of incineration; to stop incineration, we need to turn the tide of plastic bags…
Do your bit, today: never accept plastic bags from retailers, and always bring your own bags…

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