PRESS RELEASE: Green Euro Candidate says, ‘Keep Hinchingbrooke public!’

Photo call:

Rupert Read, prospective Green Party MEP for Eastern Region, will be outside Hinchingbrooke Hospital with members of the Hunts Green Party between 4pm and 4.30pm on Sunday, September 28 and will be happy to speak to journalists.




The Green Party’s prospective MEP for this region has backed calls to stop Hinchingbrooke Hospital being made into a ‘Foundation Trust’.


Rupert Read offered his support to the campaign ahead of a visit to Huntingdon on Sunday (28.9.08) when he will join local party members canvassing homes in Huntingdon.


He said: “Foundation Trusts are simply privatisation under a prettier name. ‘New Labour’ has continued and accelerated the Conservative betrayal of our National Health Service, privatising it bit by bit while pretending to support it.


“Only the Green Party can be trusted to stop this. If I am elected to the European Parliament next June, to represent this area, you can be confident that I will do all in my powers to keep our hospitals in public hands, free and open to all.


“The Greens say: Keep public services public!”


Members of the Hunts Green Party will also be joining a Keep Our NHS Public, rally and march on October 4th, called to protest against the possible privatisation of Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

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