Rackheath can’t be an eco-town if it depends on an NDR…

My answers to the Rackheath ‘eco-town’ consultation, for readers’ interest:
Question 1: What are your first impressions of the proposed design and do you have any suggestions for improvement?

The plans look first class but in reality Rackheath could only be considered an eco-town WITHOUT the NDR.   Transport within, to and from the community should be based around public transport and safe walking and cycling routes.

Question 2: Do you have any thoughts on how residents and the current community could benefit from the proposals?

Being part of an exciting new development and benefiting from clean air and top quality public transport.

Question 3: What can be done to make the whole of Rackheath a low carbon community?

There are numerous building techniques available to make existing housing stock low carbon and these should be used extensively.  An easy quick move would be to provide insulation to all existing buildings.  Wind and solar power power should also be harnessed where possible. 

Question 4: Please let us know if you have more thoughts, ideas or views on our proposals.

Though I wholeheartedly agree with the concept of eco-towns I would have to question these proposals if they included the building of an NDR as that would wipe out any carbon saving gains for many years to come.  Massive reduction in car journeys and good public transport provision has to be one of the key features of the plan.

One thought on “Rackheath can’t be an eco-town if it depends on an NDR…”

  1. Rupert, I wholeheartedly agree with you about the feasibility of Rackheath being an “eco-town” if the NDR is built! It would be more likely a “dity-town” with all that traffic jamming up both its and the city’s roads!

    Personally, I believe the other parties in Norwich City Council only decided to support the NDR in order to make trouble for the Greens. I have an idea the City Council actually opposed the NDR a year or two ago – or was it wishful thinking?

    In fact, this is the reason why I have been desperately hoping for Unitary status for Norwich City Council as I do not wish to live in a city which will become inaccessible due to the huge traffic queues trying to obtain access into the city – and no wildlife due to the excessive pollution.

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