A reflection: why I am in politics

I still feel very tired, after Party Conference and now back at work and a full Council meeting tonight…
Life is NOT easy, for someone active in local, regional and national politics. The demands on my time are so overwhelming; and people don’t tend to respect and appreciate people in party politics as much they do people in charities, NGOs etc. . Politicians are scum, the lowest of the low, as far as most people are concerned. Never mind that most politicians in most Parties are genuinely doing their best for the people, for the future, for precious little reward.
But there’s the rub: most politicians are genuinely doing their best, but their best is not good enough — because most of what they are doing is counter-productive, because they are in fact working in the short-term service of growth, of big business, of the rich, etc.
I decided not to try to spend all my life lobbying other people / lobbying industrial-growth-oriented Parties in order to vainly try to raise awareness enough so as to bring in ecologistic policies. I decided to be one of the people who gets lobbied, instead… I decided to work inside politics in a Party that embraces ecologism, and that hasn’t been captured by moneyed interests.
Unless lots of other people make similar decisions, I believe that our species is in very serious trouble.
And so I tell it like it is.
I hope that other people get on board, in time.
If you can help, please get in touch.
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Thanks for reading!

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