Rupert Read for MP on Facebook

If you’re a member of facebook please take the time to join my new group and stay up to date on the Norwich North campaign trail!

One thought on “Rupert Read for MP on Facebook”

  1. Not actually a comment as such, but… a minor fault with the Blog. The donate button does not show in Opera on:

    FreeDSD (Opera 9.63)
    Vector Linux (Opera 9.64)
    Ubuntu Linux (Opera 9.52)
    Wii (Opera 9.30)
    Mac OSX (Opera (9.64)

    On Unix it does work with Konqueror (on FreeBSD), Epithany (Ubuntu), and Dillo on Ubuntu (but paypal does not work with Dillo). On OSX it works with iCab, and Camino. I have not been able to try with Firefox because I do not have it installed; neither have I been able to try with Opera in Windows, because I have no Microsoft stuff, although I suspect it might not have a button too.

    One solution would be to make the text linked to PayPal too (so that the absence of the button is irrelevant), or the button could be presented in a different format.

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