A thought about bad cycling

Cycling on the pavement ain’t right. But even so, do ask yourself when was the last time that you heard of a cyclist causing serious injury or death to someone? Whereas speeding and irresponsible and drunk etc drivers cause serious injuries or death roughly twice a week, in Norwich, for example.
Cyclists should ride legally. But they should not be demonised when they do not do so — because often they do not do so because of terrible road design, of feeling / being unsafe from cars, etc.; and because even when they do not do so they still pose very little risk of causing serious injury or death, compared to cars.
Once again: I don’t in the least condone anti-social cycling. But whenever I hear someone demonising cyclists, I have the sneaking suspicion that maybe, just maybe, they are thereby making themselves feel better about doing something more dangerous, themselves: namely, driving a car…

3 thoughts on “A thought about bad cycling”

  1. Rupert,

    although you’re more or less right about the relative threats from cyclists and motorists, it’s seriously the wrong time to be asking when people last heard of a cyclist killing a pedestrian.

    Tragically, there have been a couple of such cases in the past couple of weeks.

    A friend of somebody I worked with was killed by a cyclist on the pavement a few years ago.

    Dangerous driving is more of a threat but – let there be no doubt – dangerous cycling can and does kill people.

  2. Yes, you’re right Peter;
    but the numbers are still scales of magnitude smaller.
    I have only ever heard of one serious accident in Norwich caused by a cyclist (who in fact killed another cyclist) — whereas month after month, and sometimes week after week, such accidents occur on or near my patch in Norwich, caused by cars.

  3. rupert,

    I think your post is a bit muddled.

    I cycle and drive and I’m always ‘demonising’ cyclists on the pavement.

    I always cycle on the road – it’s safer!!

    My two eldest are new cyclists and I am ‘teaching’ both how to cycle on the road by taking them on quiet residential roads. I sometimes go out with the younger of the two onto main roads but she cycles on the pavement and I cycle on the road. I would never dream of letting the eldest cycle on the pavement – she gets off and pushes her bike.


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