Time for a new green ‘protectionism’: Or else the EU gets it.

 There will be a serious threat to the EU, if currencies start to come apart within it: because de facto or de jure devaluations will be perceived (not incorrectly) as attempts to force more favourable trading relations for the struggling nations such as Greece. Thus there is a huge need to make clear that it will be a GOOD thing for Europe if we start protecting local, regional and national economies again, not a bad thing, not a disaster. This will require a serious change in the EU's selfimage. But the alternative may be the complete breakup of the EU, if it continues to be perceived as an 'all or nothing' currency and free trade zone. 
 We need, as Colin Hines has said for years, to protect the local, Europe-wide and globally.

Rupert Read
Green Party East of England Co-ordinator.
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