The transition to sustainable communities

This is an encouraging development.
[My “A green philosophy of money” is reprinted in volume 4, btw.]

Book Launch from Series Edited by IT Sligo Lecturer Dr. Liam Leonard

Series News: The Transition to Sustainable Communities: News from the Emerald Environment Portfolio

To launch the new Emerald book series Advances in Ecopolitics (first published in December 2009), the series editor, Liam Leonard (IT, Sligo) and regular co-volume editor, John Barry (QUB, Belfast) are hosting a one day workshop at Queen’s University Belfast, Monday 29th March.

 ‘The Transition To Sustainable Communities: Justice, Resilience and Practices of Sustainable Living’ seminar will feature international guest speakers and will provide an excellent forum for discussion on key environmental and sustainability issues.

For further details about the event, or to express interest in attending, please email

John Barry:

The Advances in Ecopolitics Book Series from Emerald Publishing

Advances in Ecopolitics

Series Editor: Liam Leonard, Institute of Technology , Sligo

ISSN: 2041-806X

Series Scope

Advances in Ecopolitics book series presents a broad range of theoretical issues in environmentalism, sustainability and related disciplines, and each volume provides the reader with an array of international contributors who examine a common theme from the world of ecopolitics. Contributors to the Advances in Ecopolitics series present an analysis of the significant environmental issues which have emerged in the era of climate change, sustainable development and green lifestyles, and each contribution explores these salient ecological concepts with an underlying vigour, motivated by a sense that the planet we share with each other is a fragile and finite one. Moreover, as recent events have demonstrated, the socio-economic and political models that were once considered to be sustainable have proven to be the opposite; so the exploration of green alternatives presented in this series acquire a cruciality and for all those who agree that the future is in our hands and that understanding the theoretical concepts surrounding ecological thinking has gained addition significance for our changing planet.

We are always interested in hearing from prospective authors or editors. If you have any ideas or questions or if you wish to be involved with the series, please contact the Series Editor, Liam Leonard:

For further information about Emerald Books visit

Recent / Forthcoming volumes:


The Transition to Sustainable Living and Practice

Advances in Ecopolitics, volume 4

Edited by:

Liam Leonard, Institute of Technology , Sligo

John Barry, Queen’s University, Belfast

ISBN: 978184950641-0

Pub Date: December 2009


The transition to sustainable living and practice provides a series of insights into real alternatives to the current economic malaise, with an examination of key themes such as transition towns, traditional villages, new green financial concepts, the sustainable utopia, co-operative farming, sustainability and activism, ecofeminism, green protectionism, international communities and a green philosophy of money.

Global Ecological Politics

Advances in Ecopolitics, volume 5

Edited by:

Liam Leonard, Institute of Technology , Sligo

John Barry, Queen’s University, Belfast

ISBN: 978184950641-0

Pub Date: March 2010


This volume of the Advances in Ecopolitics examines the range of environmental campaigns that are in occurring across the planet. As world leaders attempt to tackle climate change, this edition presents a collection of case studies on global grassroots initiatives and activism in diverse areas.

This extensive array of ecological participation demonstrates that viable green alternatives are available in this current era of legitimation crisis across the formal political and economic sectors. Advances in Ecopolitics 5: Global Ecological Politics presents an important collection of articles for researchers, lecturers and academics in the socio-economic and political sector.

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