Why the BNP are voting NO.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cluQTDWGd4&feature=player_embedded This vid debunking #No2AV lies about #FPTP, #AV and extremism is crucial! Do watch – and then share widely…
This video will help you to understand why the BNP want you to vote No to AV on May 5, while Operation Black Vote want you to vote Yes. It will explain why Simon Darby, Vice-Chair of the BNP, recently said that

“We are never going to get our feet under the table under the AV system.”

Please watch the video, and then forward the email to all your friends / share the link on Twitter or Facebook.

We’ve got just 2 weeks left now, to change our electoral system for the better – or to be shafted by the Tories, the BNP and the right-wing press, who will be the ones gloating if Britain votes NO on May 5.

Let’s make it YES, instead…

<a href=”http://www.yestofairervotes.org/“>Vote #Yes2AV </a>  | <a href=”http://www.yestofairervotes.org/“>Alternative Vote</a> | <a href=”http://www.yestofairervotes.org/“>Yes 2 AV</a>

2 thoughts on “Why the BNP are voting NO.”

  1. Hi Rupert – long time follower first time commenter here…

    What’s the general opinion of how AV might effect the Greens, as a minority party? Has anyone tried to game out what might have happened to Caroline in Brighton and Adrian in Norwich in 2010?

    All the best and keep at it here.

  2. Thanks Mark!
    Look at the Australian example: it is clear that AV benefits the Green Party. It has enabled to Aussie Greens already to climb to 10%plus in the polls (what we’d give for that!) and to win their first seat (which would have been lost, without AV). This is because IT ELIMINATES THE WASTED VOTE ARGUMENT. It would for that reason have been hugely beneficial to us in Norwich in 2010, for certain (and also in the Norwich North byelection, in which I scored 10% – that could easily have become 20%plus, under AV).

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